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FX-series gravity flow detectors employ a precision differential pressure gauge to detect variations in liquid level inside a highly accurate Pyrex glass burette. From this, the FX-3400 flow meter can determine the instantaneous and integrated flow rates and indicate the mass of the fuel consumed.

A typical system consists of a FX-1100 Mass Flow Detector and FX-3400 Digital Flow Meter. This setup will support measurements of various liquids, such as: gasoline, light oil, alcohol, and gasohol with high accuracy.

The FX-series includes three detector models to cover a wide range of flow requirements. Any of these detectors may be combined with the FX-3400 digital flow meter.

The FX-3400 Digital Flow Meter provides the following measurement data: instantaneous flow, integrated flow, interval averaged flow (over a set time interval), and, using an engine rpm signal, it is possible to measure fuel consumed for stroke of the engine. A remote box is provided for test start & stop. Additionally, the instrument is equipped with BCD (binary coded decimal) output and a GPIB interface is available as an option.

Features & Functions:

  • Direct measurement of mass flow
  • Excellent accuracy up to ±0.2%, ±0.01% full scale
  • Wide measurement range
  • Highly immune to effects of bubbling
  • No need for temperature or specific gravity compensation

Typical Applications:

  • Engine Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel Economy Measurements

Note: A catalog for FX-series products is not available in electronic form at this time.

Please contact us and we will be happy to send a full color catalog by mail.

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