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The CF-4500 FFT Comparator is used for a pass/fail judgment machine on production lines for accurate quality inspection of products by sound or vibration.  The instrument can be configured with judgment criteria which are based on the signal frequency and level.  Communication of the pass/fail results can be provided through an open collector output to a Programmable Logic Controller.

4 types of judgment are available with the CF-4500:

  1. Judging Frequency & Level using the Block Comparator Function [standard]- The Block Comparator Function makes OK/NG judgment depending on whether a peak value or level of a target signal coincides with a block area set in a certain frequency range and level range.  Up to 20 judgment blocks may be specified.  
  2. Judging Rotation Speed Variation [optional]- The Tracking Waveform Shape Comparator enables judgment of the sound or vibration signal level at a varying speed of operation.
  3. Judging the Shape of the Waveform [optional] - The Shape Comparator Function provides a means of performing judgment based on time waveform shape rather than frequency analysis.
  4. Auditory Checking of Sound and Vibration [optional] -  A Band-pass Filter & Monitor function enable operators to listen for abnormal sounds within a specified frequency range using headphones (not included).

An integrated backup power supply is optionally available for the CF-4500 to contend with power outages on a production line.  The backup power system will deactivate the CF-4500 in a normal manner in the event of power loss.  Moreover, presetting the startup conditions helps to smooth the restart and also allows centralized power control of a production line.


Product Options:

  • CF-0451  Tracking Function
  • CF-0452  Shape Comparator Function
  • CF-0453  Band-pass Filter & Monitor Function
  • CF-0454  Envelope & Band-pass Filter Function
  • CF-0458  Power Supply Backup Function
  • CF-0459  Protection panel
  • CF-0702  Stylus Pen
  • CF-0703  USB cable


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