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CT-6520 Universal Engine Tachometer


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Manufacturer: Ono Sokki

The CT-6520 is the flagship of the Ono Sokki tachometer product line. It is compatible with a wide range of sensors and can measure the rpm of virtually any type of engine. Other features include: analog & pulse outputs, HI/LOW rpm alarm setpoints (with contact outputs), and AC/DC powered operation.

Featuers & Functions:

  • Measure Virtually Any Engine Type
  • Pulse Setting from 0.5 to 199.5 P/R
  • Signal Indicator LED Verifies Proper Setup
  • Analog and Pulse Outputs
  • HI & LOW Limts with Contact Outputs
  • AC & DC Powered Operation

Standard Accesories:

  • AC Power Cord, 1.9m
  • DC Power Cord, 3.5m, 2-pin to large alligator clips
  • Spare Fuses (for AC & DC Lines)

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Tachometer Sensor Compatibility Chart








CP-044Clamp-On Fuel Injection Line   Note 1 X
CP-1060Clamp-On Fuel Injection Line   Note 1 X
CP-1064Clamp-On Fuel Injection Line   Note 1 X
FT-0501Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector   X  
IP-292Inductive Clamp-On (Primary)XX Note 2  
IP-296Inductive Clamp-On (Secondary)X  Note 2  
IP-2800Inductive Suction Cup (Primary)  X   
IP-3000Inductive Clamp-On (Primary)XX Note 2  
LG-916Optical Tachometer SensorMX-800 Series   MX-700 Series 
MP-910Magnetic PickupMX-000Series   MX-500 Series 
MP-981Hall-Effect Magnetic PickupMX-800 Series   MX-700 Series 
MP-910Magnetic PickupMX-000Series   MX-500 Series 
OM-200Magnetic Flux DetectorMX-000 SeriesNote 3 Note 2  
VP-201Vibration Sensing Tach SensorXNote 3 X  
VP-202Vibration Sensing Tach Sensor  X   
 Measurement Microphone   Note 4  
 Vibration Transducer   Note 4  

Blank => sensor is not compatible with tachometer Model # => sensor is compatible with tachometer using the specified cable model #
X => sensor is compatible with tachometer using integral cable
Note => sensor may be used with this tachometer with certain restrictions (see below)

Note 1: CP-Series Clamp-On sensors may be used with FT-1500 tachometer for diesel engine rpm measurements. In-line charge amplifier is required. Please contact us for details.

Note 2: IP-Series Inductive sensors may be used with the FT-1500 tachometer for rpm measurements on DC motors. Please contact us to discuss your application.

Note 3: A special modification is available for the SE-1520 tachometer that will permit the VP-201 or OM-200 sensors to be used with the SE-1520. Please contact us for details.

Note 4: The FT-1500 tachometer is capable of measuring the rpm of rotating equipment using sound or vibration sensors (e.g. it is possible to measure engine rpm from sound radiated by muffler).

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