FV-1500 Fast Response Digital F/V Converter

Product SKU: FV-1500

Manufacturer: Ono Sokki

The unique design of the FV-1500 Fast Response Frequency to Voltage Converter enables it to make high-resolution measurements of small speed fluctuations or brief transient phenomena with high accuracy.  The instrument accepts an input pulse from 0.2 to 320kHz and generates a proportional voltage output in near real-time (within 3.5us).  Typical applications include motor startup characterization, motor speed fluctuation measurement, and torsional vibration measurements on engines and other rotating machinery or components.

Features & Functions:

  • Very fast response F/V (input period + 3.5us)
  • Flexible measurement span (0.2 to 320 kHz, settable with 1Hz resolution)
  • 'Zoom' function for high-resolution measurements of running speed, wow & flutter
  • Input frequency display
  • Analog voltage and current outputs (16-bit D/A)
  • Conditioned Pulse Output
  • Built-in 12VDC power for sensors, encoders, etc...


  • Startup characteristics of engines and motors
  • Analysis of speed fluctuations of engines, motors, ABS systems
  • Torsional vibration measurements

FV-1500 Literature (PDF)