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Ono Sokki DG-2310 Digital Gauge Display

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Product SKU: DG-2310

Manufacturer: Ono Sokki

The DG-2310 digital gauge display has two input channels for displaying and comparing data from the GS/BS line of Ono Sokki digital gauge sensors. The standard comparator functions are available, along with Max, Min, and Range. OK/NG judgement and alarm operation is available through the same comparator functions. The standard RS-232C connection allows for a quick uplink to a computer for post-analysis. 


  • Range: Compatible with all Ono Sokki GS/BS lines of gauge sensors
  • Resolution: Set by the connected sensor
  • 2 input channels
  • Comparator functions (A+B, A-B, B)
  • Max, Min, and Range displays
  • RS-232C output available