Svantek SV-212 Environmental Noise and Vibration Station

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Manufacturer: Svantek

Svantek SV 212 Environmental Noise and Vibration Monitoring Station

The SV 212 is a weather protected, portable environmental vibration & sound monitoring station dedicated for periodical measurements. The major applications of this system are; periodical on-line vibration & noise monitoring, building construction site monitoring, acoustic map making, and verification of the noise barrier efficiency.

SV 212 is dedicated to be used with SVAN 958 instrument. This four channel sound & vibration analyzer is offered now with the special KB filter for building vibration measurements meeting DIN 4150 standard requirements.

Instrument is installed inside a waterproof case which is also equipped with a rechargeable battery and controller. Controller ensures the correct work of the complete system.

Vibration measurements are performed by the use of SV 207A building vibration measurements set. This new system includes a high sensitivity accelerometer (1 V/g) installed in hermetic and very robust base. SV 207 is also equipped with a special levelling system which allows compensation of the ground level slope.

SV 212 uses the highest quality sound measurement set SV 208, protected from the weather conditions by the SA 203 windscreen. Such configured sound measurement kit is adapted to be easily installed on a SA 206 mast with adjusted height. We also provide guylines (set of ropes) to prevent the mast from movement. Thanks to this special design system can be used for community noise monitoring or airport noise monitoring without any hardware modifications.

Both SV 207A and SA 203 are dedicated for outdoor use and are connected to the SV 212 monitoring station by waterproof connectors.

Station can be optionally delivered with GPRS modem and SvanPC+_RC remote communication software. This solution provides its users a remote control over the monitoring system allowing the on-line data acquisition and visualization.

As an accomplishment of SV 212 we also offer the SV 205 weather monitoring module which measures temperature, ambient pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction distribution.

SV 212 is powered either from internal rechargeable battery or external DC power source (including solar panel). All connectors together with DC input are waterproof however the charger is dedicated for indoor use only.


  • Periodical environmental terminal with simultaneous vibration & noise monitoring
  • Weather protected, designed for the outdoor use in all climatic environments
  • On-line noise monitoring & wireless data transfer thanks to SV 202M GPRS/GSM modem for the internet connection and SvanPC+_RC software (option)
  • Provided with SVAN 958 four-channel analyzer
  • Real-time four-channel 1/1 & 1/3 octave analysis (option)
  • Real-time four-channel FFT analysis (option)
  • Dynamic range up to 100 dB
  • Advanced data logger including spectra logging
  • Time-domain signal recording (option)
  • USB memory stick providing almost unlimited logging capability
  • Advanced trigger and alarm functions
  • SV 207A triaxial building construction accelerometer mounted in robust hermetic metal base with special levelling system (option)
  • SV 208 outdoor microphone kit for a periodical monitoring (option)
  • Internal controller providing additional interfaces, system check, fan and heater thermostatically controlled (option)
  • Powered from internal rechargeable battery 33 Ah (indoor charger included) or external DC current source 11 V - 30 V
  • Solar panel powering (option)
  • SV 205 weather conditions monitoring module including both wind speed and direction data (option)
  • Easy data download, visualisation and transfer to spreadsheet with SvanPC+ software