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Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager

Product SKU: Fluke-PTi120

Manufacturer: Fluke

The bigger the problem, the faster you need to solve it. The new Fluke Pocket Thermal Imager puts the power to minimize downtime in everyone’s hands with the right tool at the right time. As the first line of defense for easy troubleshooting, the PTi120 empowers you to stop fighting fires on the job, and start preventing them. 

Small enough to carry every day without worry, the PTi120 stands up to dirt and water and can survive a 1-meter drop. Now enhanced infrared inspections are right in your pocket for quick temperature scans of electrical equipment, machinery and other assets. 

After successfully scanning the QR code or barcode on your equipment, you can send your images complete with data and time stamped information to predefined folders. Send via Wifi or automatically upload once you connect to the network or computer via USB. Now you can more efficiently safe, find and report on issues before they become problems. 

Fluke MSRP $999.99

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