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Fluke thermal imagers capture fully radiometric images using patent-pending IR-fusion technology. Thermal imaging is often referred to as the first defense in predictive or preventive maintenance programs; an essential tool for building inpsection, restoration projects, and energy audits. And it's applicable to any application where changes in temperature serve as an indicator of condition, performance, or quality

Fluke is also a world leader in electrical safety products. Infrared windows from Fluke maintain the integrity of electrical enclosures while improving the ease of infrared inspection and the safety of personnel that would otherwise be exposed to energized electrical equipment.

Fluke is redefining the vibration diagnostics market with the Fluke 810 Vibration Tester and a simple vibration screening tool, the Fluke 805FC. Fox River Systems has developed Explorer 805, a software application that complements the Fluke 805FC vibration meter to provide support for measurement routes and reporting. Together, these troubleshooting tools enable technicians to make high quality measurements and gain meaningful insight about equipment condition without requiring the extensive vibration certification training normally required to get to the root cause.

Fluke offers an extensive range of Power Quality test tools for key applications: troubleshooting, load studies and capacity planning, and energy use analysis.