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Fox River Systems

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Fox River Systems is a provider of custom engineered test and measurement solutions built from commercial off-the-shelf tools and sensors and enabled by custom, purpose-built software to address the unique requirements of our customers.  Examples of Fox River Systems solutions include:

Explorer 805 Software - Developed for use with mechanical vibration meters such as the Fluke 805FC, Explorer software provides visibility to where maintenance attention is needed.  Machine condition is classified using trends of measurements: overall vibration, crest factor plus, and temperature.  Explorer simplifies the setup and operation of vibration screening programs with its easy to use machine and measurement database editor, support for measurement routes, and reporting.

Frequency Test System - Developed to support natural frequency testing in support of quality control conformance requirements.  The Frequency Test System can be configured to test for one or more natural frequencies based on the product SKU and generates reports based on test results.

PMDC Motor Test - RPM & Direction - Developed for testing DC motors to validate proper RPM and direction.  Supports development of a product catalog with nearly unlimited number of product SKUs and unique requirements for voltage, RPM, and direction.

DC Motor Durability Test System - Developed to support a range of common tests performed on DC motors that will be put into service with or without a motor controller.  Test modes include:  Time-to-Position Testing, Time Cycle Test, Ramp Test, and Oscillation Test.  The Durability Test System can be configured to test motorized assemblies such as actuators and throttle bodies or can be used with a motor and brake.

NEXUS/SigQC - Developed to support production quality control testing of AC and DC motors and gear motors using frequency analysis techniques of measured sound and/or vibration and other parametric measurements such as current.