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SM Instruments

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SM Instruments is the manufacturer of the BATCAM 2.0 and SeeSV-S206W sound camera--both real-time, wireless acoustic cameras targeted to unique applications.  SMI is a leader in the development of portable sound cameras employing high-performance FPGA's to provide real-time computing of beam forming algorithms used to identify the direction of noise sources.

Sound Camera:  The SeeSV-S206W sound camera was designed for exploring and locating the sources of persistent and transient noises on stationary or moving targets.  A key application for the automotive industry is Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle (BSR) noise source investigation--instrumental to the development of automobiles.  Other important applications for the sound camera can be found in home appliance and consumer electronics product design and manufacturing QC test.  

BATCAM 2.0:  The BATCAM exploits similar beam-forming technologies to the SeeSV family of products, however it employs MEMS microphones sensitive to a much wider range of audible and ultrasonic frequencies.  The result is a portable camera that is useful in a wide range of industrial applications addressing operating cost and safety through identification of compressed air/gas leaks, vacuum leaks, and electrical arcing.  The BATCAM when paired with an ultrasonic transmitter opens up a range of quality control applications such as investigations of non-pressurized vessels and passenger cabins for holes, gaps, and poor seals that effect performance.

Fox River Systems was the first partner in North America to provide sales, technical support, and training for the SMI range of products.