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Benstone Impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer


Manufacturer: Benstone Instruments

impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer

Download the impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer brochure

The impaq Pro is a new generation of portable, 4-channel sound and vibratin analyzers from Benstone Instruments. Multiple FFT spectrum analysis, order tracking analysis, and octave spectrum analysis can be measured at the same time with Windows 10's multi-tasking feature. Equipped with a large 10.1" multi-touch color display, the impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer presents information in an intuitive user interface with keypads on both sides. 
impaq Pro portable 4 channel dynamic signal analyzer, sound and vibration analzyer impaq Pro portable 4 channel sound and vibration analyzer impaq Pro portable sound and vibration analyzer

 An internal rechargeable Li-Po battery provides up to 6-hours of portable vibration data acquisition and analysis.
 An external 5V battery bank can extend the operation time via a mini USB charging port.
 Designed with dual-color ABS plastic housing and IP65-rated, the impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer is ideal for your harsh environment.
 A new design reduces weight by 1.4 kg (3.0 lbs) and thickness by 47%, which is noticeable in your hands. 


5 Operational Modes

● Real-time Mode: Measure analog signal and conduct real-time vibration analysis with live display.
● Raw data recorder Mode: Measure an analog signal and record the raw vibration signal to the hard drive or memory.
● Real-time + Recorder Mode: Conduct real-time measurements and simultaneously record the raw signal to the hard disk or memory.
● Playback Mode: Replay a previously saved raw signal file and conduct selected post-process analysis.
● Report Mode: Import or export measured data, conduct mathematical operations, examine data with different plot formats and cursors, make reports, and more.


Raw Data Recorder and Playback Analysis Module

The optional Raw Data Recorder and Playback Analysis Module allows the user to measure analog signals in the Recorder mode or Real-time + Recorder mode, while at the same time storing the raw data signal directly to the hard drive or memory. Replay the stored raw signal in the playback mode to apply user defined parameters, such as certain time periods for further analysis.

impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer digital raw signal recorder

FFT Spectrum Analysis Module

The optional FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) Spectrum Analysis Module of this provides up to 14 different measurement functions for data acquisition and portable vibration analysis. 
Collect sound and vibration data and perform handheld vibration analysis.
Define alarm, severity levels, apply bands, display Go/NG on plots, and more. 
Continuously monitor start-up/coast-down spectrum and display the results on a 3D waterfall/ intensity plot. 
Perform modal analysis, ODS testing, enveloping and more.  

● Sound intensity measurement
● Sound and vibration quality measurement
● Stiffness measurement
● Bearing diagnosis
● Variable speed machine measurement

portable dynamic signal analyzer with Custom defined band alarm curve and IPT or EOL..
FFT module: Overlay of band limit curve(s) on the spectral plot showing the severity of vibration or acoustic signals.

FFT module displays FRF functions in Accelerance Mobility or Compliance plots for dynamic stiffness per ISO 7626-1
FFT module: Display of FRF functions in Accelerance, Mobility or Compliance plots to investigate the structure’s dynamic stiffness. (ISO 7626-1)

Vibration analysis with envelope time waveform for diagnosis of bearing failure and bearing damage   portable dynamic signal analyzer with envelope spectrum for detecting bearing damage
FFT module: Measure the bearing signal and convert it to an envelope waveform or envelope spectrum for damage diagnosis.

portable dynamic signal analyzer with spectra map to continuously measure spectral data and display it in waterfall, intensity or overlapped plot
FFT module: Continuously measure signals in time or rpm step, displaying the results in a 3D waterfall plot, intensity plot or overlapped plots.

toggle plot format for FRF including Bode, amplitude, polar, Nyquist
Toggle plot format quickly by tapping the format icon.

Octave Spectrum Analysis Module 

The handheld vibration analyzer's optional Octave Spectrum Analysis Module utilizes real-time digital filtering technology to generate octave, 1/3 octave or 1/12 octave spectrum. Conforming to the IEC 61260 and IEC 61672 standards, the Octave Spectrum Analysis Module is suitable for evaluating the sound or vibration severity. Built-in user-defined weighting functions support specific measurements such as ISO 8041 and ISO 2631 standards related to human vibration and the ISO 6954 related to vibration of ships. It can also be used to address concerns of many high-tech factories regarding floor vibration. User-defined VC curves can be displayed on the Octave spectrum plot to determine the level of vibration.

measure floor vibration with VC curves on the 1/3 octave spectrum plot  

Handheld vibration analyzer with continuous measurement of 1/3 octave spectrum and display it with waterfall plot

Computed Order Tracking Module 

The portable dynamic signal analyzer's optional Computed Order Tracking Module is designed to measure sound and vibration on varying-speed machines. A digital re-sampling algorithm is used to make spectral resolutions the same at different rotation speeds. Typical applications for this software module are NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) testing of vehicles, or advanced vibration analysis of turbine machines. Order spectrum, order traces, filtered or unfiltered orbits, gap reading, and centerline of a shaft are accurately measured and displayed during a start-up or coast-down process. The user can input geometric position(s) of the vibration sensor(s) to display orbit and shaft centerline motion, which relates to the realistic behavior of a turbine machine.

Vibration tester at 1X, or nX order traces for start-up or coast-down procedure and display in polar plot or bode plotportable dynamic signal analyzer displays orbit and shaft centerline motion of a turbine machine

Standard Features of the impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer

Mathematical Operations 

Apply standard mathematical operations, such as custom filtering, Fourier transform or inverse Fourier transform, scaling, integration, differentiation, windowing, and more, for further examination of your data. These operations can be applied by simply tapping an icon or select undo/redo as needed.

Vibration analysis mathematical operation include FFT, iFT, band pass, high pass low pass, band notch, weighting
handheld vibration analyzer with mathematical operations including FFT, iFT, integration, filtering, differentiation
Conduct mathematical operations simply by tapping the mathematic icons: FFT, iFT, integration, differentation, filtering and more.

Built-in Signal Generator 

impaq Pro’s built-in signal generator can generate random, burst random, chirp, sine, square, ramp or pulse signals. Use these signals to drive a shaker, perform calibration, or for training purposes.

Vibration tester with function generator and signal generator

Multiple Analysis 

The impaq Pro Portable Vibration Analyzer supports multiple analysis - such as multiple FFT, octave and order tracking analysis - at the same time.

multiple vibration analysis of FFT, Octave analysis and Order Tracking at the same time