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Ono Sokki GS-4713A High Vibration/Shock, Water & Oil Splash protected Gauge Sensor

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Product SKU: GS-4713A

Manufacturer: Ono Sokki

This rugged gauge sensor can maintain high accuracy while being used in harsh environments ( IP66G Water and Oil splash protected). In endurance testing, this model has proven to function beyond 15 million cycles. In addition, this gauge sensor can with stand higher vibration and shock. 


  • Conforming to environmental protection class IP66G
  • High durability and extremely long life
  • 4.9 meter connection cable
  • Compatible with a large array of gauge displays
  • Higher vibration and shock rating


  • Range:  13mm / 0.5"
  • Resolution:  0.01mm / 0.0005"
  • Response Speed:  39.4 in /sec
  • Measuring Force:  204 gf
  • Stem Diameter: 15mm
  • Contact Point Thread:  ISO M2.5
  • Cable Length (attached):  4.9 meter
  • Dimensions:  L-5.7"  W-1.3"  TH-0.8"
  • Weight:  11.4 oz / 325 g
  • Protection Class:  IP-66G (water, oil splash protection)

Standard accessories:  4.9 meter cable, rubber boot, spanner and contact point.