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Benstone vPod Pro Vibration Meter

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Product SKU: vPod Pro

Manufacturer: Benstone Instruments
The Benstone Instruments vPod Pro is a powerful vibration meter that's easy to use. Available in 3 versions: Basic, Spectrum Analysis capability, and Route capability. Works with iSee Software for managing machine measurements.

The Benstone vPod Pro measures vibration level, bearing condition, and temperature at the same time!  With built-in ISO 10816-3 and bearing alarm levels, vPod Pro displays measured values with alarm status in red, yellow, or green background colors.

The vPod Pro uses an innovative sensor A52-IR (patent pending) which measures vibration signals in the 1-8kHz range along with temperature at the measurement location. The vPod Pro Basic provides an Overall Vibration level, a bearing condition metric, and temperature.  The sensor includes a high-strength magnetic base that can be used for walk-around data collection.

The vPod Pro also has a built-in camera on the back that can be used to record an image that can be saved with your measurement data and reviewed on a PC using the (additional cost) iSee Software application.

OPTIONAL:  vPod Pro Spectrum capability.  In addition to measuring the overall vibration, an optional spectrum analysis function is available at time of order.  The meter can be configured with a 1KHz bandwidth with 1600 lines of resolution or 10kHz bandwidth with 6400 lines of resolution.

OPTIONAL:  vPod Pro Route in the "route mode" provides capabilities onboard the meter to support route-based measurements of equipment assets.  In addition to the overall vibration, bearing condition, and temperature, a time waveform recording is made to that the acquired time waveforms and spectral graphs can be viewed.  Use of vPod Route requires a license for iSee Software which runs on your PC.

Other Facts:

-IP65 rated dustproof and waterproof case with anti-drop rubber sleeve

-Equipped with 3.5-inch color screen for intuitive and easy-to-understand operation interface

-Built-in 24GB flash memory provides sufficient storage space

-Innovative sensor design allows you to simultaneously measure vibration signals and temperature at the same time

-Optional Spectrum Analysis function and Route-based Measurement function support large amounts of data collection

-A built-in camera on the backside of the vPod Pro allows you to take a photo to further document your vibration testing work

-Supports Bluetooth headset connection for listening to vibration signals

-USB 2.0 and wifi transmission interface to transfer data to your PDC