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SeeSV-S206W Real Time Portable Sound Camera

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Product SKU: SeeSV-S206W

Manufacturer: SM Instruments

The SeeSV-S206W Sound Camera Mini is portable real-time sound camera employing an array of 96 MEMS microphones and FPGA-based high-speed beamforming technology to pinpoint the location of noise sources.  The camera helps you visualize the location of noise sources by overlaying a sound amplitude color contour map on HD video images which can be recorded at 25 frames per second. The camera was developed to support the most demanding of noise source identification challenges--moving and transient noise sources.  One of the most significant applications for this product is for Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle (BSR) noise source detection as well as Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) source visualization.  The portable size and weight (2.0kg) of the SeeSV-S206W sound camera makes it possible to make measurements inside of passenger compartments and other space constrained areas where noise source identification is important.  The ergonomic hardware design is complemented by software that is equally well designed and straightforward to use by people of all skill levels.

The SeeSV-S206W sound camera enables a new range of noise source identification applications to be addressed due to its unique combination of portability, usability, and affordability.  Contact us to discuss your noise source identification needs.

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  • Innovative Unique Design - Winner of a Red Dot 2013 design award
  • High sensitivity digital MEMS microphone array (96 sensors)
  • High-resolution optical camera
  • FPGA-based Real-Time Analysis
  • Lightweight and highly portable, 2.0 kg (4.375 lbs)


  • Real-time sound imaging
  • High-speed image update at 25 FPS
  • Impulsive noise detection
  • Optimized for highly transient noise
  • Auto image ranging function
  • ACI & WAV file export and replay
  • Real-time frequency adjustment (bandpass)
  • Real-time distance adjustment
  • Linear/exponential image averaging
  • Effective post-processing
  • Playback recorded measurements at full- or fractional-speed to aid analysis

SeeSV-S206W Kit from Fox River Systems includes:

  • SeeSV-S206W Camera Array 
  • SeeSV-S206W real-time software for image display and recording

OPTIONAL SOFTWARE:  Post Processing Software

The software enables camera settings to be adjusted during playback similar to what is possible during recording.  This means that noise sources can now be analyzed during the initial measurement and re-analyzed during playback with different settings thus allowing identification of multiple noise sources with different frequency, amplitude, and duration characteristics. 

NOTE: PC/laptop with MS Windows is not included in the purchase price but is available for customers looking for a pre-installed and fully configured system. Contact us for a quote which includes a pre-integrated PC/laptop computer to your specifications.