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SigQC Production Line Noise & Vibration Test System

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Product SKU: SIG-QC

Manufacturer: Signalysis

Automated Assurance - Many products, from domestic appliances to automotive products, possess intrinsic vibration and sound characteristics that may be used as indicators of mechanical integrity. SigQC is a production line test that responds to the demand among manufacturers to automate a process for accepting or rejecting units on the assembly line based on measured noise and vibration data. SigQC provides a wide range of statistics, criteria, strategies and Pass/Fail methods.

The SigQC Pass/Fail Criteria is based on data obtained from various sources. Data sources can be measured directly using spectrum analyzers, "plug-in" data acquisition cards, digital signal processors and other types of data acquisition devices. In addition to the standard data acquisition sources, SigQC supports post-processing data sources. A post-processed data source is the result of a mathematical equation or algorithm. Post-processed algorithms are easily programmed by dragging and dropping the available post-processing options to form an equation. The result of the equation becomes available in the list of data sources in the Acceptance Test Wizard.

SigQC/IQC Users:
  • General Motors
  • John Deere
  • Bosch
  • Ford
  • General Electric
  • NVG
  • ... many more