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Ono Sokki LV-7000 Laser Doppler Surface Velocity Meter

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Product SKU: LV-7000

Manufacturer: Ono Sokki
The LV-7000 Laser Doppler Surface Velocity meter detects speed, fluctuating speed, lengths, shrinkage or stretch, and slippage using a non-contact class 2 laser.

LV-7000 series detects speed, fluctuating speed, distance, length of moving or rotating objects by non-contact detection with high sensitivity and high response. You can install the LV-7000 and make in-place measurements with accurate, non-contact laser detection.

The LV-7000 series enables evaluation of product features and helps to understand the phenomena more accurately.  The LV-7220 main unit with 2 Laser Doppler Surface Velocity (LDSV) sensors supports differential speed measurements that are useful for making measurements of torsion/torsional vibration, slippage, and stretching.

The LV-7000 has several output signals including a voltage signal that's proportional to the measured velocity.

High sensitivity detection, safety Class 2 laser products

  • "Laser Safety Class 2" does not need safety requirement for detection such as laser protection glass, laser control regions/controller.
  • Original optical system and demodulating circuit allow high sensitivity detection. Available to measure wide variety of targets
  • Easy, quick positioning and checking with red visible light.

Non-contact detection, No-load measurement

  • High spatial resolution with small laser-spot. Enables measurement of thin/tiny target including slender thread and narrow parts. 
  • Not necessary to worry about defects such as scratch, wrinkle, or transformation.
  • Hardly affected by flipping, shaking, or eccentricity. Slip or friction is not generated.
  • Enables speed measurement and length measurement in vertical driving, negative gradient driving, which are difficult to detect by contact-type detector.
  • Expansion speed/direction measurement of extensible materials including rubber, resin, and clothe. 

Simple operation but high function

  • Indicator on a compact sensor allows you to check the target and operating condition at the same time.
  • High speed response of 800 m/s2. Steep start and stop from zero speed are able to be detected.
  • Able to be performed difference measurement between two points by setting two speedometers
  • High resolution detection even though the tiny speed by high resolution range.
  • Easy to see numerical values by large LED display and stand jigs.
  • Simple and speedy operation with large function button. Current setting conditions are clear at a glance.
  • Selectable output signal format from analog, digital, and phase difference depending on the usage.

BROCHURE:  LV-7000 Data Sheet

BROCHURE: LV-7000 Data Sheet (2023)