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OR25 PC-Pack

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Product SKU: OR25

Manufacturer: Oros

The OR25 PC-Pack is available in 2 models: the Model 100 and the Model 300. The Model 100, at only 8 pounds, is for 2 or 4 channels. The Model 300, which weighs 11 pounds, offers 2, 4, 8, 10, 14 or 16 channels. Both models include features such as real-time bandwidth up to 20 kHz, ± 40V inputs, ICP®, and an AC/DC integrated power supply and battery. They also feature 1 external trigger/tachometer and 2 generator outputs.

OR25 instruments are intended to handle multi-channel noise and vibration measurement requirements. They are specifically designed to withstand the constraints of field measurements. Portability, robustness and real-time capability are the OR25 PC-Pack's assets. The OR25 PC-Pack includes signal conditioning, DSP signal processing, battery, and DC power supply in a compact package that guarantees measurement integrity (metrological quality, real-time). As a result of its ability to interface with any PC, notebook or desktop, it gives access to a wide range of functions such as report editing, project-based settings, and the availability of results in an office environment.

The OR25 PC-Pack comes with real-time and post-processing FFT analysis, plus a time domain data recorder. Optional modules are available for 1/n Octave or Order analysis, Balancing, Reporter, Structural analysis, Sound Intensity, and Sound Quality.