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OR36 Multi-Analyzer/Recorder

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Product SKU: OR36

Manufacturer: Oros

OR36 features 4, 8, 12 or 16 channels, and only weighs 11.4 lbs. It has a real-time bandwidth 40 kHz, ±40V inputs, 24 bits, ICP®, an embedded 40Gb hard disk, and a 100 Mbits/s Ethernet. Other technical features include an AC/DC power supply and internal battery, 2 to 6 external trigger/tachometer inputs, and 2 to 6 generator outputs.

OR36 models are intended for advanced needs in acoustic and vibration analysis measurements. They ar useful for R&D as well as for testing. OR36 uniquely combines components usually used separately for measurements. OR36 includes a front-end acquisition with conditioning and sampling, a time domain recorder and the resources required to provide real-time processing of all inputs. Its functionality allows it to interface with any PC, notebook or desktop, giving allowing report editing, project-based settings, and the availability of results in an office environment.

OR36 takes advantage of multi-analysis and simultaneous recording capabilities, which both speeds up and guarantees your measurement process. Multi-analysis allows simultaneous analysis of the inputs in different modes such as FFT, 1/n Octave and synchronous order analysis, which simplifies your measurement to one easy step. For post-analysis purposes or for safety backups, simultaneous recording of time domain data during measurements is available. Post-processing and results analysis can be processed without the analyzer unit.

OR36 is based on OR3x technology, the breakthrough in dynamic measurement systems. Created by OROS for measurement efficiency, OR3x innovates in both hardware and software architectures.

NVGate™, the OROS Noise and Vibration software platform, controls all the analyses and measurements carried out by OR36. As part of OR3X analyzers range, OR36 benefits from the innovative functions developed for the biggest systems. Offering parallel analysis capabilities, OR36 opens a new dimension focusing immediately on any part of the measurements. Whatever the situation, on-line measurement or office post-analysis, you run the same software applications, with or without OR36 connected.

Some NVGate™ features are an OutlookTM like analyzer setting browser and project manager, plug-in analyzers for: multiple FFTs, 1/n Oct, and order analysis, simultaneous recording of time domain signal, and complete reporting tools to WordTM. It has dedicated modes for structural, rotating and acoustics, a user defined control panel and preferences, a mask editor and alarms, macros, sequence and TCP/IP control, and a calibration suite. 

There are also numerous options and solutions for deeper applicative requests such as Automatic Reporting, Structural Analysis, Sound Power, Sound Intensity and Sound Quality.