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Ono Sokki DS-3000 Multi-channel Data Station

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Product SKU: DS-3000

Manufacturer: Ono Sokki

The DS-3000 Series Dynamic Signal Analysis Platform is a modular analyzer from 4 to 32 channels in 4 channel increments (40kHz range with 2048 lines of resolution) or expandable from 2 to 16 high speed (100kHz range with 2048 lines of resolution).

The small B5-paper-size and light weight (as little as 2.2kg) and ability to be powered from 100 to 240VAC or 15VDC make it flexible enough to be used on a laboratory bench, on a production line, or in-vehicle.

Secure and accurate, it analyzes data through 24-bit A/D conversion with a 110-dB dynamic range, primarily in the application fields of sound and vibration. As a PC-based measurement system, it is capable of both recording and analyzing data, and offers support in creating reports of measured data. 

The throughput disk function enables the direct recording of waveform data onto hard disk for subsequent offline analysis. This optional function captures raw data and stores it directly on the hard disk of the PC. You don't need a separate device for data recording any more. The file export function is also available, which enables export of data in a variety of formats like WAV, DADiSP, etc. The off-line analysis software allows analysis of the captured data on a PC without connecting the DS series hardware. The data can be processed with several applications simultaneously on a PC.  

The modified stack structure supports a maxiumum expansion up to 32 channels. Up to 11 units including 9 input units can be combined together to build an instrument with a maximum of 32 input channels. Each unit is just 3 cm high. If you purchase it in a simple configuration today, you can upgrade it later according to your need.  

Twenty-four-bit A/D conversion has been adopted, enabling a dynamic range of 110 dB to be achieved. The 24-bit A/D converters used in the DS-3000 enable highly accurate and secured measurements. 

Measured data can be easily gathered into reports. The data captured or analyzed can be output in a variety of formats like MATLAB, UFF, TXT, etc, enabling further processing using commercially available software. 

The DS-3200 is designed to meet every challenge you might face. With its functionality and compact portability, it fits the bill for all your data recording and analyzing needs.


Product Options:

  • DS-0221AW General Purpose FFT Analysis Software
  • DS-0222AW Order Tracking Analysis Software
  • DS-0223AW 1/1 & 1/3 Realtime Octave Analysis Software
  • DS-0250AW Throughput Disk Function
  • DS-0251A   File Export Function (Requires DS-0250AW)
  • CF-0371   Signal Generator Output