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SVAN 957 Low Cost Sound and Vibration Analyzer

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Product SKU: SVAN957

Manufacturer: Svantek

SVAN 957 is all digital, Type 1 sound & vibration level meter along with analyzer. The instrument is intended to general acoustic and vibration measurements, environmental monitoring, occupational health, and safety monitoring.

SVAN 957 is recommended for those who are looking for the Type 1 instrument for both sound and vibration measurements and cannot afford to buy SVAN 959, our top range instrument. The main difference between those two instruments is that SVAN 957 is offered with a microphone of lower sensitivity and without a voltage input mode so it cannot be used in as many applications as SVAN 959. Nevertheless, SVAN 957 is still recognized as a high-class instrument and what is more important for a very reasonable price.

SVAN 957 standard set comes with 1/1 octave analysis and weighting filters (e.g.: A, C, HP1, VEL1, DIL1). Functionalities such as 1/3 octave analysis, statistical calculations, acoustic dose measurements, FFT analysis, and Reverberation Time measurements are also available as options.

The latest weighting filters according to ISO 2631-1&2 standard together with RMQ detector enable direct measurement of the Vibration Dose Value (VDV). Because SVAN 957 is a single channel instrument, triaxial measurements require a separate measurement in each axis, which of course is more time-consuming. Therefore, for Human Vibration measurement we recommend SVAN 958, four channels analyzer.

During the measurement, SVAN 957 uses three acoustic or vibration profiles. In practice, it means that values such as Leq, LMax, LMin, LPeak, Spl, SEL or RMS, PEAK, VDV, MTVV are obtained with different weighting filters at the same time. This feature is extremely valuable when the comparison of measurements is required.

USB host exceeds memory limitation allowing the direct data storage on the USB memory stick. Optionally, SVAN 957 can record a raw audio data to a flash disk in WAV format, so the sources of noise can be played back and identified by listening (Time Domain Signal Recording). The audio events recording function is very useful in measurements requiring unattended monitoring.

Easy communication with the PC is supported by the free of charge software SvanPC+. This already advanced and user-friendly software can be optionally upgraded to provide remote communication with the SVAN 957 instrument by the GPRS wireless transmission or RS 232 interface using generally available serial port extender devices. This exceptional feature makes SVAN 957 the leading product for measurements in the field (environmental monitoring).

SVAN 957 is powered from NiMH standard or rechargeable AA batteries. The powering of the instrument from the External DC power source or USB interface is also provided.

Robust and lightweight design accomplish the exceptionality of this new generation instrument.