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Ono Sokki HT-3200 Handheld Contact Type Tachometer

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Product SKU: HT-3200

Manufacturer: Ono Sokki

The HT-3200 is a handheld contact type tachometers offering high functions and performance.

The HT-3200 offers a Lo measurement range that starts from 0.5 r/min and can measure rotational speeds up to 10,000 r/min..  The circumferential ring and contact tip for rotation measurement can be stored in the back-side pocket of the main body

  • Capable of measurement from a low speed at 0.5 r/min (when low range selected) up to a high speed of 10,000 r/min (when high range selected)
  • Features a large-size display (10.55 mm character height) is incorporated into the compact, lightweight device.
  • Built-in convenient memory function for easy confirmation of the measured results
  • Dual-purpose type - replacing the contact tip with the circumferential ring enables circumferential measurement
  • Equipped with a storage pocket for the circumferential ring
  • The lasest measurement value continues to be displayed for approximately 30 seconds even after the power has been switched off
  • Battery replacement time indicator is provided

BROCHURE:  HT-3200 Handheld Contact Type Tachometer

Accessories (Sold Separately):

  • KS-100 Circumferential ring (mm/s) - diameter: 19.1 mm, peripheral length: 60 mm, width: 3.4 mm
  • KS-200 Circumferential ring (m/min) - diameter: 31.8 mm, peripheral length: 100 mm, width: 4 mm
  • KS-300 Rotating contact tip (for rotation measurement)
  • KS-700 Extension shaft for KS-300 - length: 40 mm
  • HT-011 Reflective marks (for non-contact-type measurement) - The recurrent reflectors incorporated in the reflective marks make them optimal for use with the HT-4200 and HT-500 tachometer models. (12 mm x 12 mm, 25 marks per sheet; 10 sheets per pack)
  • HT-0300 Carrying case for HT-3200
  • HT-0400 Carrying case for HT-4200
  • HT-0003 Carrying case for HT-4200 (soft case type)