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Ono Sokki HR-6800 High Speed (Dental) Non-Contact Tachometer

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Product SKU: HR-6800

Manufacturer: Ono Sokki

The HR-6800 is a non-contact type handheld digital tachometer, which can measure the rotational speeds up to 999,990 r/min and with high accuracy. Ideal for measuring the high speeds of a dental hand piece, yarn texturizing machine, or the high-speed cutting drill. . . Both the analog signal output and pulse signal output are available as standard. Analog signal is used for recording the rotational data at data recorder etc. Pulse signal is used as external sampling signal at FFT analyzer for tracking analysis. Wide measurement range from 100 r/min (lower-speed rotation) to 999,990 r/min (high-speed rotation) is possible.

Features & Functions:

  • High-speed rotation measurement from 100 to 999,990 r/min
  • Built-in memory function Up to a maximum of 20 data can be saved for later viewing.
  • Both analog and pulse outputs provided as standard. Used for recording rotational speeds and as rotation synchronization signals
  • Built-in peak hold function - The maximum and minimum values can be displayed during measurement
  • Large LCD with backlight
  • Can be used by AC power supply. (Optional AC adapter PB-7090 is required.)
  • Can be mounted on a tripod, has standard threads.
  • RoHS Compliant

Accessories (sold separately):

  • AX-501 output cable (2 m)
  • HT-0521A Jig for magnetic base stand
  • HT-0522 Magnetic Stand
  • PB-7090 AC adapter

BROCHURE:  HR-6800 Handheld Digital Tachometer (High Rotational Speed)