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Shimpo DT-311J Digital Loom Strobe

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Product SKU: DT-311J

Shimpo’s DUAL function stroboscopes provide the illusion of “stopped motion”: by adjusting the strobe’s flash rate, equipment and printing appear to be standing still or in slow motion.  This stroboscope also measures rotational (RPM) or reciprocating (strokes per minute) speeds with the same precision as a digital tachometer. 

Ideally suited for the textile industry, the DT311J is equipped with special Phase shifting functions for setting the timing of weaving machinery (e.g. time of shedding, injection timing, injection pressure, and weft running timing).  The DT-311J is designed for harsh and/or wet work areas and features rubber shock guards and rugged, drip-proof (IP65) housing.


  • Rugged, drip-proof IP65 housing
  • Phase shift functions
  • "ZERO" at any angle
  • External trigger input
  • Top mounted handle
  • Rubber Strobe Guard


  • Designed specifically for timing measurements & motion analysis for the textile indistry
  • Injection Timing
  • Injection Pressure
  • Timing of Shedding
  • Weft Running Timing

Standard Accessories:

  • Handle
  • Flash tube removal tool
  • 6m cable & connector
  • NIST Calibration Certificate

Optional Accessories:

  • Carrying Case
  • Replacement Flash Tube
  • Flexible Mounting Arm
  • External Sensors (Ext Trigger)

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