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Machine Vibration Testing Training

Fox River Systems offers a range of machine vibration testing training courses to equip your team to be productive using tools and proven techniques for evaluating machine health, diagnosing root causes, and then validating improvements after corrective maintenance actions are taken.  All of these capabilities are beneficial to improving the uptime and reliability of machines.  

Our training and mentoring options include:

  • Introductory Training - to familiarize personnel with the fundamentals of machine vibration and the practices of screening and diagnostics
  • Operational Training to familiarize personnel with the specific test instrumentation and software that is employed
    • Vibration Analyzer/Vibration Tester and Software from Fluke, Benstone Instruments, Commtest, Ono Sokki, and OROS
    • Laser Shaft Alignment from Fluke
    • Balancing Systems from Commtest
  • Certification Training - to aid in the development of standardized and industry recognized qualifications
  • On-Site Mentoring & Consulting to assist with implementing vibration screening and testing programs within organizations


Machine Vibration Testing Training