Level 1 Infrared Thermography Applications Training


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Level I Infrared Thermography Applications Training

Infrared Thermography

A 32-hour course covering the theory and use of infrared thermography across a wide range of applications including predictive maintenance applications such as inspections of electrical and mechanical systems, approaches to production and process systems, and building diagnostics applications including insulation performance, air infiltration/ exfiltration, and moisture intrusion.  We'll cover key techniques for finding and solving problems. The participants, upon completion of the training, will have an understanding of the basic heat theory necessary for successfully employing infrared thermography into their work.  They will be able to capture clear thermograms and make basic inferences and diagnosis.  And they'll have an understanding of a set of techniques to perform surveys. 

Level I material includes infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, overview of infrared thermography applications and associated inspection techniques, and operation of thermal imaging equipment to capture high quality thermal images that are clear, concise and possible to interpret.  Students are challenged daily with hands on demonstrations, experiments and inspection situations similar to those they will experience in their work. Students leave Snell training ready to put this amazing technology to work. This course fully meets the educational requirements for certification according to the published recommendations of ASNT.

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