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Level 2 Advanced Infrared Thermography Training


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Level II Advanced Infrared Thermography Training

A 32-hour quantitative thermography course designed for practicing thermographers interested in advancing their knowledge and capabilities for applying infrared thermal imaging to temperature measurement.  This class covers advanced theory and applications of infrared thermography in predictive and preventive maintenance, process control, quality assurance, condition monitoring and nondestructive testing of materials fields, and building diagnostic applications.

Level II focuses on radiometric temperature measurement and the cases where taking accurate temperatures improves the diagnosis and interpretation of situations. The course delves deeply into the concepts of emissivity, reflected temperature compensation as well as spatial and measurement resolution--all factors that impact the ability to measure temperature. Other topics include: inspecting through transmissive films and IR windows as well as the use and limitations of IR mirrors.

The Level II course extends the knowledge gained in Level I on infrared theory and heat transfer concepts. Students leave aware of the full operational capabilities of their radiometric thermal imaging equipment and are challenged daily with hands on demonstrations, experiments and inspection situations similar to those they will experience in the field. This course fully meets the educational requirements for certification according to the published recommendations of ASNT and The Snell Certification Standard. The class is open to everyone regardless of whether or not they own a thermal imager. Attendees that do have equipment are encouraged to bring their systems as there are a number of hands-on learning opportunities available during the week.


BROCHURE: Level II Advanced Infrared Thermography Training with Syllabus